A Registered Holistic Nutritionist’s (RHN) work involves getting to the root cause of a health issue, not just treating or silencing the symptom. The symptom is a sign that something needs to change (often add or remove a food or lifestyle option) and we find that change and determine how to best implement it by providing nutritional and lifestyle changes. We address the whole body, mind, and spirit – not just parts (holistic!). When all parts work together fully, the body naturally responds to and can create needed corrections and healing.

RHN is a designation offered by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. RHNs educate people about different aspects of food, including quality of foods chosen.  RHN’s often work alongside other professionals such as naturopaths, homeopaths, RMT, chiropractors, and medical doctors.

In a consultation, the client gives information on main concerns, symptoms and background details, so the RHN can review to see what can be done to support the main weakness found. RHN’s educate and explain solutions and give details on why and how changes can improve health. Supporting the biggest weakness helps support the other systems and the changes can be profound for your health.   Additionally, RHN’s help to take the overwhelm out of how to change what you eat.  This can include many options –  food plans, recipes, nutrition programs, cooking ideas, pantry review, and grocery shopping suggestions..

We do not diagnose or cure.

Each and every one of us is unique biochemically. We are literally what we eat, digest, absorb, and assimilate. When we add what and how we eat, drink, breath and think to our individual body with its specific hormone levels, enzymes, bacteria (good and bad) and many other body signals, the symptoms seen can require a variety of changes to support health. We simplify those changes so that you feel empowered and motivated to follow through.

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