Who am I

Lisa Aschenbrenner, RHN

If you are here, you can likely relate to the feeling of fear and overwhelm that I had when my children were struggling with health and behavioural issues.

The changes I saw sparked a new passion and direction in my life, resulting in a desire to help others to help their kids.

I have always been interested in how food affects us, but didn’t truly stop to think about it until I had children of my own.  I thought we ate well and did “ok” but both my children started struggling with various issues and challenges from a young age.

At the time, I was overwhelmed and felt very lost.  It was out of fear for their wellbeing that I was literally forced to examine our diet and lifestyle at a whole new level.  I made changes to the foods we were eating, how we cooked, the way we ate, and even started to pay attention to the chemicals in our environment.

The results were profound.  Their health improved.  Their ability to learn improved.  Our family life improved.

At times I think back, and am just so thankful for where we are now, compared to how scared I was in the beginning.  The food changes we made were done as a family, and my husband and I resolved a number of our own health issues as well.

Food is the key.  Food will enhance or decrease our health, and HOW we eat is just as important.  We just need to find what is right for our individual selves.  I can help with that.  My goal is to give others support and hope for a better life.  I offer my services to anyone who wants to get to the root of their health concerns.


For children struggling with Spectrum (Autism, ASD, ADHD) disorders, I also specialize in Autism and ADHD.  I am registered with the Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs (MedMAPS.org) and have attended a number of conferences and many educational areas of autism spectrum disorders.

Regardless if there is a diagnosis or not, if a parent feels something is not right, we can find ways to improve your child’s health and abilities by supporting areas that tend to be weak – digestion, elimination, immune, blood sugar regulation, mitochondria,  and more.  These areas all impact the brain which is often a key symptom with behaviour, mood, and focus.  Improvement in any of these areas and the results is improvement in the brain related symptoms.

I do not diagnose or treat medically.  My consultations are not to replace medical advice in any way.

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