Real Food For Thought

Real Food For Thought

Making Real Food. Making Real Changes.



Lisa AschenbrennerReal Food For Thought is the culmination of my personal interest and real need to get back to the basics of life for my own family.  These basics include our food, thoughts, and lifestyle.  It is these 3 areas, that in the right balance, allow us to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Hi, my name is Lisa, I am a Registered Nutritionist, and I love whole foods and learning and promoting about what each of our own individual nutrition can do for us.

Discovering the best health for each person involves finding, individually, what is deficient and needs to be added, as well as what needs to be removed, from our life.  Allowing our bodies to work at its full, unblocked potential and resolve the signs and symptoms we struggle with.

It sounds simple and it often is with the right guidance and information.  Working together we can determine what is preventing you from feeling your best or what is holding you back from living your fullest life.

Let’s discover the changes you can make in order to get your best health on.

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